"Full" Service

Free top off for 3,000 miles or 90 days, "Full Service" includes up to 5   Quarts of 5W20, 5W30 OR 10W30 Oil, new Oil Filter, chassis lube. We   also perform a test on the battery, and check the  air filter, wiper   blades, all exterior lights, and tire pressure (and inflate to proper   pressure). All the vehicle's fluids are topped off (except brake fluid), and wash the windshield.

High Mileage Service

This service is the "Full Service" plus, we'll install a high mileage additive and lube your door locks and hinges.

"Ultimate" Service

In  addition to what the "Full Service" includes, we'll install a $9.99   value oil system cleaner, top off your anti-freeze, lube your door locks and hinges, inspect all of the belts and hoses, lines and exhaust system and check for any lubrication leaks.

"Mini" Service

We  will replace your oil with up to 5 Quarts of 5W20, 5W30, OR 10W30  Oil,  install a new Oil Filter, lube the chassis and check all exterior lights. We also run a free battery test.


Radiator Service

We will flush and fill your vehicle's radiator with anti-freeze/coolant

Transmission Service 

We  will replace your transmission filter   (per manufacturer's recommendation), replace up to 5 Quarts of FULL SYNTHETIC transmission fluid and put in a new pan gasket.

Transmission Flush Service

 We will flush the entire old transmission fluid and replace it with FULL SYNTHETIC transmission fluid.

Fuel/Emission Systems Tune-Up

Today's  precision fuel and emission systems often loose their efficiency with  deposits. Our comprehensive fuel/emission systems "tune up" safely removes these harmful deposits...."MONEY BACK" Guarantee

Headlight Restoration

With our headlight restoration process we can bring those dull or yellowing lens back to a crystal clear finish. This can improve not only  the  looks of your vehicle, but it can greatly increase visibility at  night  time.

Battery Replacement

We will first test the battery to verify that replacement is needed and if so, we will remove your old battery and install a brand new one that  carries a 5 year warranty. This way you don't have to hassle with the   back breaking weight or knuckle breaking replacement of your battery.